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Objet : THE REMNANTS documentary film

Dear friend, I’m writing to you as I found your contact as a member of the Lao Community in France.

my name is Riccardo Russo. I’m an Italian independent filmmaker and I’m working with my crew on a documentary in Laos, about the legacy of war, 40 years after the end of the conflict. We are still developing the project but progressed a lot in the last year. We have now a contribute form European Commission and the Italian Television. So the film is going to be produced in the next year.

During our stay in Laos we felt in love with this country, the people and the sort we are trying to tell. We would really much also get in contact with laotian communities around the world in order to share our experience and try to better understand the laotian reality from abroad too.

On behalf of my crew and our production NACNE, I please you to have a look at the website of the film, the trailer and the Facebook page and give us some feedback if you like.


The film project is founding some interest in the french television and we already have some proposal for italian-french coproduction.

We are so quite sure that the film will be distributed in France, so we would really much to involve in the process also laotian people that leave in France.

The film will be ready in one year time, and we are thinking about (in the respect of the international distribution agreements) hoe to organise also community screenings in France.

Waiting for your comments, I wish you all the best.

With much with affection and sympathy.

Riccardo Russo

Riccardo Russo
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